NASCAR Threatens Top Cup Driver For Criticizing new Rules Package

NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series Driver, Kyle Busch had some scathing remarks for NASCAR after the first day of testing the new rules package at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the response he got from NASCAR was pretty interesting. In fact, it seemed like the sport was almost threatening him.

For those that don’t know, Kyle Busch wasn’t happy with the new rules package, which includes increased downforce and engine power, and let people know about it after the testing session. He even went so far as to say it eliminated the talent aspect of racing.

He also claimed that the 2019 season would be more of a chess game and even claimed being successful would now be dependent on how daring a driver is willing to be. The remarks apparently didn’t set well with NASCAR President of Innovation and development, who responded with the following

“For the drivers we know who don’t like it they are very good at what they do and they get paid a really good chunk of money to do things that take a lot of talent.” Probst said of Busch, ” If they want to spout off about [this racing] not needing a whole lot of talent, then eventually that will hit them in the pocketbook, too.They should be careful.”

Interestingly enough, Probst also admitted that the racing everyone saw during the Las Vegas practice session was a work in progress and wasn’t the finished product. If nothing else, that at least means NASCAR knows it still has a lot of work to do if it wants to create an interesting on track product.

“Even in the first session, where they all started single-file all pretty spread out, you saw cars that weren’t good in the early part of the run, [but] by the time you got to about seven [laps] to go, they worked their way back to the front.” Probst told reporters after testing ,” “I’ve been doing this long enough to know even when days go rough, it’s probably not as bad as how you feel in the moment.

“We feel like things have gone pretty well, but by no means are we high-fiving and declaring any kind of victory.

With that being said however, NASCAR threatening Kyle Busch the way they did was a great idea. Not only does it sort of set a tone of NASCAR versus Kyle Busch to start out the season, it also will serve to get fans talking about the new package as well.

In the end, that’s all the sport can really hope for at this point, especially with all the road blocks they have hit over the past couple of years and this might be the start of them digging out of it. Furthermore, it seems like NASCAR and its drivers being allowed to call out each other again is another promising sign of things to come.

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