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NBA: Latest news, free agent signing, trade talks

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NBA free agency has mostly wound down, with teams now looking for players on bargain contracts after handing out billions of dollars earlier this month.

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Big names have already made their final decisions, with Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and Pau Gasol switching teams, while franchise faithfuls such as Mike Conley and Dirk Nowitzki remained with their respective teams.

Teams are now in the process of signing draft picks, looking for veterans on minimum deals and putting feelers out for trades.

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• Heat forward Chris Bosh wants to play and expects the team to clear him medically. He could take the issue to the player’s union if he is not cleared.

• The Celtics and 76ers could revisit discussions on a Jahlil Okafor trade in the future, but talks have grown stale.

• Hornets co-owner Felix Sabates blasted Charlotte city council members for passing the bathroom law that resulted in the NBA moving the All-Star game from the city

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