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NBA Trade Rumors: Andrew Bogut to Boston Celtics, Kelly Olynyk to Dallas Mavericks before the trade deadline

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Trade rumors are starting to swirl around the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks as of late. Reports are saying that a rumored deal is being set-up to both teams and the trade might happen before the trade deadline. It is said that Andrew Bogut and Kelly Olynyk are the centerpieces of this alleged trade.

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Bogut became one of the familiar faces in the rumor mills the past few days. Just recently, he was linked to being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for Greg Monroe but up until now, there’s no update on that supposed deal. This time around, will Bogut find himself in the Celtics camp?

It is no secret that the Celtics are looking for dependable players that could  help them be a ‘contender’ team this season. Many say that they lack a defensive man in the middle that could strengthen their interior defense and improve their rebounding. And Bogut could be the perfect player that they are looking for.

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Now, a proposed trade deal is being suggested to the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks. Trade scenario is suggesting that the Mavericks will send Andrew Bogut to the Celtics for Kelly Olynyk plus Boston’s 2018 first-round draft pick. By analyzing the trade, both teams got the fair share of the deal.

 Though not a superstar, Bogut can give the Celtics the defensive tenacity that they really needed. Bogut is not known for his offensive skill but surely the Celtics can depend on him to get the rebounds and protect the rim. Being in the league for 11 years, his playoff experience will also play a big role for the Celtics if they will be able to get through in the postseason.

iTech Post recommended another trade proposal for both teams. This time around, a straight swap between Bogut and Amir Johnson is also a possibility. Boston could also add the first-round pick that was mentioned earlier to sweeten up the pot for the Mavs.

Both teams could also benefit from this trade as Bogut and Johnson both have expiring contracts after the season. The trade will also give both teams more option and flexibility with regards to re-signing both players or let them go and free some cap space for next year.

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