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NBA Trade Rumors: Rudy Gay to Pacers, Greg Monroe to Bulls, Derrick Favors to Wizards

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The latest NBA rumors involve Rudy Gay going to the Indiana Pacers as the Kings continue to look for teams they could trade their wingman with. Monroe, who is reported to be having trouble fitting with the Bucks system, might be traded to the Chicago Bulls. Finally, Derrick Favors may be heading to the Washington Wizards over a couple of potential trade scenarios.

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1. Rudy Gay to the Indiana Pacers

According to Sactown Royalty, the future of Rudy Gay with the Sacramento Kings is highly uncertain. The most likely scenario is that he will be traded because he just turned 30 and his skills will start declining hereafter.

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Basketball Insiders reports that a Rudy Gay trade is bound to happen. The only questions now are when and where?

One possible trade is between the Kings and the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers also have their own player who has a similar age problem. Ellis averaged 13.8 points per game last season, his lowest since his rookie year back in 2005. Although he can still be a strength to the team, he might end up being a back up PG to C.J. Miles.

The Pacers might decide to trade away Monta Ellis since he can no longer be the complementary player to star Paul George who needs a three-point shooter to space the floor. Ellis, a slasher, is no longer as athletic as he was during his younger days, and is a less-effective three point shooter than C.J. Miles.

According to Evan Massey, editor and contributor to The Inquisitr, “Deal doesn’t sound imminent. Kings are shopping him around. Pacers are very interested in Gay. Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey, names that came up.”

2. Greg Monroe to the Chicago Bulls

Greg Monroe has been the subject of many trade rumors during the course of the 2016 NBA off-season. However, it seems that the Bucks haven’t found the right trading partner yet.

Some rumors report that Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are both interested in Monroe. The New Orleans Pelicans have been mentioned as well.

The most recent speculation links Greg Monroe to a potential trade which will send him to Chicago, playing alongside future hall-of-famer Dwyane Wade.

Monroe averaged 15.3 points, 8.8 rebounds and 0.8 blocks per game last season. Despite these solid numbers, it has been reported that Greg Monroe has a hard time fitting with the Bucks system.

3. Derrick Favors to Washington Wizards

ESPN’s trade machine reveals the possibility of having a Washington Wizards and Utah Jazz trade, sending Derrick Favors to the Wizards in exchange for Otto Porter Jr. and Marcus Morris.

Another Wizards and Jazz trade scenario is between John Wall and Favors. With this trade, the chemistry liabilities within the Wizards will be remedied. It has been reported that Bradley Beal and John Wall generally dislike each other.

The Washington Wizards can demand to get Derrick Favors plus another starting player such as George Hill. Favors will work well with Washington’s center, Marcin Gortat.

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