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NFL Owners To Approve Overtime Change

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Are you ready for more tied games in the National Football League? NFL owners apparently are as they are reportedly expected to approve a proposal that would change overtime from 15 minutes to a mere 10 minutes. This proposal had previously been tabled, but it sounds like it’s going to happen now. Judy Battista reported via Twitter:

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Now, the NFL is not about to become soccer with regard to frequent draws. In the last five years, only a little over a quarter of overtime games went beyond the 10-minute mark anyway. And only about one game per week on average even makes it to overtime. Finally, the rule change would only affect the regular season. So, while this is a substantial change, it is unlikely to come up all that often throughout the year. Still, any increase in ties in the NFL is unwelcome and the change to overtime will almost certainly result in a few more.

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