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NFL Player Has Four Words for Reporter Pushing Him to Protest the National Anthem

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With football season approaching quickly people are watching very closely to see if any issues arise similar to the Colin Kaepernick one. With all of the National Anthem protests in recent times by athletes, Americans are standing by the see if the irrational and disrespectful trend will continue. This issue has not only divided players, but fans as well. Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has made it clear that any player on his team will be standing for the National Anthem or they will be off the team, no questions asked.

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Now, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Das Prescott has spoken up about his stance on the issue reported Dallas News Sports Day. He believes that the solution to the issue is simple. Prescott was interviewed by senior producer at Yahoo Sports Evan Doherty. When Doherty tried to bait Prescott into saying the wrong answer, Prescott refused. Doherty asked if Prescott “felt the need” to partake in protests against America this year. It only took four words for Prescott to prove who he really is.

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It’s nice to see a professional athlete expressing gratitude and thanks for the freedoms they are blessed with. America is a country that provides chances for these men that no other country could. It would be great if all NFL players took after Prescott. I wish they could understand just how selfish and ungrateful they look when they protest our National Anthem.

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