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NHL Rumors: Sabres, Ducks and Scouting the Devils-Panthers

On the Buffalo Sabres …
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Paul Hamilton: When asked before last night’s game if he considered trading or suspending Evander Kane, Sabres GM Tim Murray said that many options went through his mind.

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Paul Hamilton: Murray added that even though you may want to trade him, you are not going to get market back for him. Adding, you have to make trades that help your team.

Scouting the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers …

Jameson Olive: Scouts listed for the Devils – Panthers game last night: Jets, Sabres, Coyotes and Penguins.

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On the Anaheim Ducks …

Chris Nichols of Today’s Slapshot: Bob McKenzie was on TSN 1040 yesterday afternoon talking about the Anaheim Ducks RFAs Hampus Lindholm and Rickard Rakell. McKenzie hadn’t checked in the situation on Thursday before the interview, but as of Wednesday it was all quiet regarding Lindholm, which is kind of curious.

“And the market is effectively set for him. That Ristolainen deal – he’s not taking less than that. No chance. No how. Because Ristolainen only gave up one year of unrestricted free agency on that six-year deal at 5.4. And if Hampus Lindholm takes a six-year deal at 5.4, he’s giving up two years of unrestricted free agency. So I would say that Ristolainen deal, to me, would be the floor for what Lindholm would want to take. I’m sure he probably wants more, but he also wants to stay in Anaheim – so maybe he’ll take the discount to get it done here.”

It’s also complicated that the Ducks are a budget team and not a cap team. Signing Lindholm would likely put them over budget and they’d likely have to move someone out. McKenzie thinks it would be Fowler, who should net them a nice return. They’d likely move Fowler to an Eastern Conference team.

The Sabres were interested in him before, and they almost had a deal done at the draft. The Bruins would also be interested.

Both Lindholm and Rakell are both back in Sweden and don’t have visa’s. Rakell is at least two weeks away from being game ready.

“So that one I think will get done. Six years at some number less than $4 million. But maybe they haven’t nailed down the exact amount.”

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