Odubel Herrera runs into embarrassing out during Phillies-Mets game

Usually, when a team has the bases loaded and nobody out and a fly ball is hit to the outfield, good things are going to happen.

Even if the outfielder makes the catch, the runner at third base will likely tag up and score. However, the 2017 Philadelphia Phillies are not a normal team, and excel at turning lemonade into lemons.

The Phillies had the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the fifth inning when Nick Williams hit the ball to center field. Mets outfielder Michael Conforto made the catch and Phillies shortstop Freddy Galvis tagged up, but didn’t try for home.

However, as you can see in the video below, Odubel Herrera, who was on second base, watched as Conforto’s throw sailed off target and decided to try to go to third base. Unfortunately for the Phillies, Galvis was still at third, so the Mets tagged Herrera out to turn a bases-loaded, no outs situation into a ridiculous double play:


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