Ranking The 2018 Cup Series Final Four From Worst To Best

There is one race left to go in the 2018 Monster Energy Cup Series and while 16 drivers began the arduous  journey to become Cup Series champion, only four drivers still have a chance to win the title. Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, Chase Elliott, Kurt Busch, Aric Almirola, and Clint Bowyer failed to reach the final round, which leaves Joey Logano,, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr and Kevin Harvick left to battle it out at Homestead for the championship.

With that being said, and the championship race still a short time away, one has to wonder who is the best out of the championship field and who will have the most to overcome when the final race at Homestead Miami unfolds. Furthermore, who has the statistical advantage when it comes to the championship and who has the most momentum on their side. While its impossible to know for sure who will come out on top, especially with the chaotic nature of NASCAR races in general, here are the drivers ranked from best to worst.

Keep in mind that this is just an opinion and might not be how things play out on next Sunday at Homestead Miami. It will however be based on factors such as momentum, statistics, and strength of their respective teams. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to also tell us who you think will walk out of Homestead Miami with The 2018 Cup Series title. Also be sure to tell us who you don’t want to win the title and why!

4 Martin Truex Jr

Not only does Martin Truex Jr have no momentum going into the final race at Homestead Miami, he also has been on a downward trend after coming up short to Joey Logano in Martinsville. In fact, after Truex Jr’s third-place finish at the paper clip, he finished ninth at Texas and 14th at Phoenix, which was one of the worst finishes of any of the final eight competitors. Beyond that, Furniture Row racing is set to shut down at the end of the season and that seems to be working against the team momentum wise as well. 
In the end, if this was last season, he would no doubt be the favorite for the title, but he hasn’t proven himself to be very consistent in the playoffs this year and it’s likely that trend will continue at Homestead. Furthermore, Truex Jr doesn’t even have the best record at Homestead Miami among the championship drivers, which is another example of what he is at a distant disadvantage.  Of course, things could always change and Truex Jr could get that storybook ending him and his team are looking for, but it’s going to take a lot of luck for that to happen.

3 Joey Logano

Joey Logano has way to many targets on his back to even get anywhere near The Cup Series championship at Homestead Miami. Beyond that, Harvick has a slightly better record than Logano at Homestead Miami, which means that Logano will likely be at a disadvantage to Harvick  Of course this ranking doesn’t mean Logano won’t be competitive, but when the final moments of the race unfold, its impossible to see him being able to clinch a championship with the situation he has put himself in. 

Unfortunately for Logano, he also was eliminated early from Sunday’s race at Phoenix International Raceway, which means he won’t have the best of momentum or even be in the best of spirits when he reaches Miami. In the end, Logano is going to have to dig deep to be competitive in the final race and while he will most likely do so, his ability to be a closer like that of Harvick, Busch and even Truex Jr, leaves serious doubt that he can overcome all three for at title.

2 Kevin Harvick

He might be freaky fast and he might have had  a great 2018 season, but Kevin Harvick just seems to have too many obstacles in his way to become Cup Series champion once again. In fact, between his spoiler scandal at Texas, his problems with pit road penalties and lack of meaningful momentum, its pretty hard to imagine Harvick being able to win the champion. Beyond that, as dominant as Ford has been this season, especially early on, it doesn’t feel like the manufacturer has the same momentum it once did. 

With that being said, Harvick still does have the best record of all championship eligible drivers and that is going to be difficult for any of the other three drivers to overcome. Interestingly enough however, Harvick’s statistical advantage over the rest of the field becomes neutralized when you account for all the mistakes his team has made lately. If you also add in the fact that NASCAR is probably watching his team extra closely, its likely they’re not going to be able to sneak a advantage past the inspection line.

Again, Harvick has the best record at Miami, but not the best of luck as of late, which throws into serious question whether he can run the flawless race he needs in order to be champion.

1 Kyle Busch

Not only is that evident by the amount of laps he has led over the course of his career at Homeastead Miami, but also by the sheer amount of momentum that Busch has heading into this championship race.  Beyond that, he seemingly has the better manufacturer in Toyota, which is sure to give him an advantage over The Ford’s of the championship field and maybe even lead to him outright dominating the race on the way to his second career championship.

As if that wasn’t enough to sell you on Kyle Busch as the winner of The Cup Series champion, he is also the best on restarts of the championship field and is one of the most aggresive. Of course Joey Logano is probably a little bit more aggressive than Busch is, but Logano has too many targets on his back to really be a factor in Sunday’s championship race. In the end, expect Kyle Busch to win the second championship of his career next Sunday at Homestead and maybe even spank the entire field while doing it.!

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