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Only Real Fans Remember These Old School NHL Logos

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There are currently 31 teams in the National Hockey League (NHL), but as you know, they aren’t the only teams to ever play in the league. Shocking, we know, but the Vegas Golden Knights weren’t always in the league nor were teams in non-traditional, warmer-climate markets like the Anaheim Ducks, San Jose Sharks, and Arizona Coyotes. But for younger fans of the league, there have been teams that have come and gone or teams that have moved to new cities and adopted new names. Does the Minnesota North Stars, Kansas City Scouts, Brooklyn Americans, or Atlanta Thrashers ring a bell? Your favorite Original 6 teams like the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs even once had different names such as the Maroons and Arenas respectively.

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Beyond that, a lot of teams in the league have had ever-changing logos, whether for re-branding or marketing purposes to help drive jersey sales. This was particularly true in the mid-90s when teams adopted alternate jerseys and logos that they wore every so often. Some were decent, while others were downright brutal. It would be reasonable to expect you to have forgotten those jerseys and logos, but take a shot and see if you haven’t wiped those – and others – from your memory.


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