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Real Reason Why Daniel Suarez Lost Subway Sponsorship Revealed

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While that’s what a lot of fans are now thinking after NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series rookie, Daniel Suarez, was seen in a pre taped segment handing out donuts to fans at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, it is now coming to light that there may have been a totally different reason entirely for Subway terminating their four race partnership with Suarez one race early.

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Of course Joe Gibbs Racing did release a statement to ESPN stating that the pre taped  segment was the given reason by Subway for the termination of the partnership, but there is also rumors that Subway cut and ran due to Carl Edwards sudden retirement at the beginning of the 2017 preseason. Sure, they tried to give Suarez a chance to replicate what Edwards was able to do for them, but it never ended up happening.

Another possible reason for Subway’s departure could be that Subway wasn’t very happy with Suarez’s performance on the track and although Suarez only sits one position outside of a playoff spot with one race to go before the postseason, apparently it wasn’t enough compared to what Edwards was able to do during his final season in The Cup series.

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With all that being said, its Subway that’s making the mistake here, especially with Suarez having JGR equipment and being one of the best raw talents on the track today. Sure, he didn’t have the perfect rookie season and might not even nab his first win before the end of the year or make the playoffs, but he is a consistent finisher and has coach Gibbs and Kyle Busch mentoring him.

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