The Boston Red Sox are in the midst of one of the greatest regular seasons they’ve ever had in franchise history. Unfortunately, one fan decided he wasn’t going to wait and see how the season would end and checked out early.

On Wednesday, a Boston Red Sox fan ended his own life after he tried to climb on top of a Metro-North train on his way home from Yankee Stadium. In doing so, he was electrocuted by overhead wires, creating a chaotic situation where others riders were trapped for hours.

Via Fox News:

“The Metro-North train from Yankee Stadium to New Haven, Conn., left the ball field just before 11 p.m. on Wednesday. As the train was running from Larchmont to Mamaroneck about half an hour later, a pair of brothers tried to climb from inside a car onto the roof.

Train personnel got one brother down safely, but 24-year-old Michael Vigeant of Hudson, NH, touched a catenary wire and was electrocuted, said MTA officials.

The conductor called out over the loudspeaker for medical professionals to help the man as the power to the train went down, knocking out the air conditioning and flush toilets, riders said. Meanwhile, riders, many of whom had been drinking at the game, got more and more agitated. Some threatened to kick out the windows, and Yankee and Red Sox fans started beefing with each other.”

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