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Roger Goodell after meeting with President Donald Trump decided to form a new NFL league : “Black Nfl-B Division and White Nfl-W Division “

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Roger Goodell  with letter to all Americans nad NFL players after meeting with president Trump :

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“I think that all want to be famous , but this is not the real way to do that.  This is about America, this is about our country. Everyone hate me now, but after 3-4 years all will say “THANKS” to me. How can you go against your country , your flag ? Your identity ? Nfl is not just game for black players.  We must to take steps to back our country. Mr.Donald Trump is with me, all patriots are with me . YES , im guilty ! I can go in prison now , but America will be my country forever. You can hangs me , you can attack me , but you cant say that i dont love America. I  do this for my country and one day Americans will be pround of me .  I dont hate black people , i’m good with all black players- you can ask them . I dont want to use this rule , but i must to do it !!  Me and our president on today’s meeting decided to make 2 NFL DIVISIONS .  One for black players , one for white players.  And of course there will be final game .  This is the best solution , Donald support me and i think that all players will do that ”

Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement from the Seattle Seahawks to disrespect the country at his first preseason game with the Raiders. Despite looking like a disrespectful idiot, his former teammate, Michael Bennett, decided to copy him and Kaepernick and sat the bench for the National Anthem as his team stood in front of him.

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 In the same weekend, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins came forward to let all of his fans know what to expect this season, aligning himself with the now unemployable Kaepernick. According to CBS Sports, Jenkins protested during the 2016 season and revealed that he plans to protest every National Anthem throughout this season.

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