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The Reactions To Brock Osweiler Getting Signed Before Kaepernick Are Gold

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Osweiler, who played for the Broncos two seasons ago, was resigned by Denver almost immediately following getting cut by the Cleveland Browns.

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As you can imagine, people were not happy Osweiler has a job and Kaepernick doesn’t.


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The internet never fails to impress and entertain me. This is too good. Obviously Osweiler got signed by the Broncos because he knows the system and is familiar with team. As for Kaepernick, he might not even be good enough to start in the NFL, and people are upset Osweiler went back to his old team.

Why would the Broncos open up their arms to the distraction of Kaepernick when there is no guarantee he even helps them win? Keep overreacting. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

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