The Real Reason Kyrie Irving Wants A Trade

Its a case of good news and bad news Cleveland fans.

The bad news is of course that Kyrie Irving, one of the men who was crucial in helping to get Lebron James back to Cleveland, has made his intention clear that he wants to be traded to another team and no longer wishes to play with Lebron James. While some fans will probably point to James’s do or die style of basketball and the insanity he demands of his team when playing, its actually a lot more innocent then that.

See, Kyrie Irving, like many stars before him, wants to play a bigger role and doesn’t feel content playing second fiddle to an all star like James. No bad blood, no hard feelings, he just wants to take on the role as the team’s all-star and not just be apart of Lebron James’s big three in Cleveland. Fortunately for fans of the former NBA Champions, this means one thing. One very good thing.

This means that while there is turmoil going on in Cleveland right now and the firing of General Manager David Griffin , Lebron James will most likely be staying with the team past the 2017-2018 season. If he wasn’t, why would Kyrie Irving leave Cleveland in order to play a bigger role with a different team and get out of the shadow of King James ? If nothing else, he knows that James is in it for the long haul and wont be leaving anytime soon.

Where this leaves Kyrie Irving now remains to be seen, but several teams including The Heat, The Knicks and Minnesota Timber wolves have all expressed interest in trading for the young star. There is also the possibility of him going to The Spurs, which would instantly insert him into a championship caliber team, but the biggest rumor right now is that he is being heavily recruited to go to The Minnesota Timber wolves.

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