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The World’s Highest-Paid Footballer Doesn’t Play In Europe

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The best-paid player in the world doesn’t play in Europe.

The revelation came in the latest round of Football Leaks. It goes to show that China is an emerging force because Ezequiel Lavezzi is the King of Cash.

Not only is he in front, he’s way out in front. It was believed that he earned £400,000-a-week when he moved to Hebei China Fortune earlier this year. The truth is that he’s earning even more than and is almost on double what Lionel Messi is getting at Barcelona. Messi earns £270,000-a-week, while Lavezzi earns £493,000 every single week.

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It’s quite frankly a disgusting amount of money to be shelling out every week, as his compatriot’s pay packet. There have been rumours that Lavezzi could return to Europe with Nice interested. Ronaldo is reportedly on £365,000 per week and Gareth Bale rakes in £350,000-a-week after tax.

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