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Tony Romo Noticed One Play During Sunday’s Patriots Game That Proves Bill Belichick Is A Genius

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watch Having Tony Romo working the booth gives viewers an understanding of the game in real time that we’ve never seen before.

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forex handel automatyczny On Sunday, Romo worked his magic again an explained something that looked like any other play in the NFL.

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enter site During the 4th quarter of Patriots-Saints with the game in check for New England, the Saints scored a touchdown. Instead of dropping more players into coverage that could have prevented a completion, the Patriots opted to blitz, something New England doesn’t tend to do in the red zone. But it was all on purpose.

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source dose preisvergleich. I would bet that when people turn to these quack nostrums, they do feel better, but not because of the nostrums, but Belichick called a blitz knowing he would likely give the Saints a meaningless touchdown just to skew the analytic findings of teams that have to play New England later in the season.

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