Top Golden State Warriors Star Heading To The Spurs?

One of the most important things to do after winning a championship as team is to stay together so you can do it again and again. Sure, some teams have been able to lose key members and still win a championship in the past, but why would anyone want to waste the time changing something that has already worked to perfection and netted you a championship at the end of the year.

Unfortunately for Warriors fans, that is the situation they find themselves in after it was revealed by sources that Andre Iguodala, is set to meet with The Spurs just after midnight Saturday morning. The sixth man runner up also is set to meet with the Sacramento Kings as well, but still has no plans to meet with the team he just won a championship with less then a month ago.

Even worse is the fact that some sources are claiming that Iguodala is open to moving teams if the right circumstances present themselves.  With that being said, The Spurs seem like the better option in this scenario, especially since they posses more star power and The Kings are apparently only interested in bringing him in to bring experience to the young Kings team.

Even though Iguodala is meeting with The Spurs after midnight, an official deal wont be able to be reached until the seventh, when deals can actually take place. Its still not known whether he will stay with the Warriors or not, but its probably going to take some pretty significant offers to steal him away from  a championship caliber team, especially after they destroyed The Cavaliers in five games in the finals.

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