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Watch: Korean hurler throws one of the worst pitches you’ll ever see in a baseball game

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Every now and then, you’ll see something at a baseball game that you’ve never seen anyone do in the long history of the sport.

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Those things can be either good or bad, and a Korean Baseball Organization game recently provided one in the latter category.

With the NC Dinos at the plate, a Kia Tigers pitcher uncorked one of the worst pitches in the history of the game, leaving both the catcher and hitter utterly baffled.

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As you can see in the video below, the pitch immediately sails over the batter and catcher’s heads, leaving them to simply stare at the ball as it flies into the netting behind home plate:



The pitch only topped out at 67 mph, so it likely just slipped out of the pitcher’s hand, which would explain why it immediately went straight up in the air. One thing is for sure – whatever pitch the hurler was trying to throw, that wasn’t it.

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