WATCH: WWE seemingly made fun of CM Punk at Backlash last night

Punk had no option but to tap out, ending his UFC debut a lot quicker than he had hoped.

Despite the poor showing on his behalf, the former WWE Champion admitted that it was the second best night of his life, behind the day he married his wife, and he also revealed his desire to step foot back in the octagon when he’s ready.


Punk was clearly emotional following the fight, as he teared up during the post-match press conference when he was talking about his wife and his defeat.

However, WWE have seemingly poked fun at their former employee and have done so by recreating Punk’s defeat in one of their own matches.

As mentioned earlier, this could be completely coincidental, but on the other hand, it could just be a massive shot at Punk.


At the start of the Dolph Ziggler/Miz match, the Intercontinental Champion ran straight at his opponent, before he got taken down, punched in the head, and put in a rear-naked choke.

Sound familiar?

Not very classy by the WWE, but it’s something we probably should have expected.

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