Why Michael McDowell Should Apologize To Joey Logano For Daytona Incident

It has been the subject of debate ever since Micheal McDowell choose to not go with Joey Logano on the final restart of The Daytona 500, but who was in the right and who was in the wrong during Sunday’s race? Furthermore, who should apologize for incident.

With that being said and Ford having a good chance of taking the win away from Toyota if McDowell had made the other choice, it is pretty obvious that McDowell should be the one to apologize. In fact, he should apologize to the whole ford camp for giving away the win to Toyota.

Of course not everyone is going to be happy with that assessment and they honestly don’t have to be, but when you have something as big as The Daytona 500 on the line, you shouldn’t give away the win to another manufacturer.

Then again, some are going to claim McDowell is in the right, especially since he mentioned that Joey Logano and his team didn’t share information with him during Daytona 500 weekend, but that seems like something pretty petty to get upset at.

Think about it! Why would Penske racing share strategy with Front Row Racing? They aren’t a satellite team or affiliated in any way past their manufacturer? Sure, Logano and Team Penkse probably should have shared information with McDowell, but was that really worth costing Ford the win?

In the end, Logano probably got a little too hot headed after the ordeal and said things he most likely didn’t mean, but that doesn’t excuse McDowell turning on his manufacturer like he did. It also doesn’t excuse him for being petty about the situation.

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