Yankees Shuffle Rotation to Start JA Happ Sunday and Line Him Up for Wild Card Game

Aaron Boone waited as long as possible to play his hand, but it appears the Yankees have made an ​important decision and acted accordingly.

Boone announced following Friday’s topsy-turvy 10-8 victory over Baltimore (what?) that JA Happ would be ​shifted to Sunday’s start, which lines him up to appear in the dreaded one-gamer on October 3. Naturally, he’d start Sunday, Friday in Boston, then have four full days of rest before the Wednesday showdown.

It was only a matter of time. Ever since being acquired at the deadline, Happ’s shown at home and on the road, displaying an uncanny steady hand. If the Yanks are unable to hold off the charging A’s, they can rest easy knowing Happ defeated Oakland at their Coliseum earlier in September, throwing six brilliant innings before the Yankees rallied late to win it.

Happ’s dominated the Red Sox both this season and over the course of his career, so if you’re the kind of person who looks ahead, you might be thrown off by blowing Happ prior to the ALDS, only giving him one potential appearance in that series.

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